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Hello, my name is Devin Savage and I'm a Survivalist.


My goal here is to share knowledge, experience, and to meet likeminded people. 

I hope you find my site informative and helpful.  If so, please share.


I've devoted my life to literacy and learning the skills necessary to survive in any situation for over 40 years. Whether in nature, a natural disaster, or a civic collapse, I'm set to meet the challenges head-on. My knowledge and experience include nature survival, jungle survival, first aid, rustling, hunting, and self-defense.

I strive to be self-sufficient and to be suitable to provide for myself and my loved ones in any situation. I believe in being prepared for the unanticipated and I'm always looking for ways to ameliorate my skills and knowledge.   As a Survivalist, I believe in being prepared for any situation that may arise.

I've spent numerous hours probing, rehearsing, and perfecting the skills necessary for survival in nature, in civic surroundings, and during natural disasters. Some of the crucial skills that I've honed include:


Nature Survival
I've expansive knowledge of survival such as bushcraft, starting a fire, purifying water, and foraging for food. I'm familiar with a wide range of natural surroundings and can acclimatize my skills to suit specific conditions. 

First-Aid I'm trained in introductory first aid and have knowledge of how to treat injuries and ail in a survival situation.  I carry a comprehensive first aid kit with me at all times and am prepared to handle extremities.  


Knowledge of a wide range of wild settings and creatures and know how to identify and safely gather food from nature.  


Hunting and fishing 
I'm proficient in hunting and fishing techniques and am suitable to give for myself and others by catching and preparing wild game.  


Self Defense
I've trained in hand-to-hand combat and munitions handling so that I can defend myself and my loved ones if the need arises.   I also believe in the significance of staying mentally and physically fit, so I regularly exercise physically and mentally.  I'm always looking for ways to advance my skills and knowledge, and I'm constantly streamlining my gear and inventories to insure that I'm prepared for any situation.   


In short, as a Survivalist, I'm devoted to being set and tone-sufficient. I have the knowledge and skills to survive in any situation, and I'm always looking for ways to ameliorate and acclimatize my capacities to the changing terrain.

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