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Advertising and Earnings Disclosure promotes various products from and many other Advertisers, eCommerce stores and marketplaces in the following ways:


  • by inserting affiliate links in my Website/Blog posts when the promoted product is relevant to the content

  • by placing image banners throughout the Website/Blog

  • by promoting these products in my email Newsletters

What’s an Affiliate link?

An affiliate link looks just like a regular link on any one of my Website’s pages, but it takes you to a 3rd party Website where you can make a purchase. The affiliate link helps the vendor know I referred you to them, and pays me a commission if you make a purchase.

What This Means to You

Each time you click a link throughout the website, you can assume you’re clicking an affiliate link. earns a percentage of the sale each time you make a purchase.  When you make a purchase via an affiliate link, this helps me maintain the quality of the survival content throughout my site and to ensure my Website/Blog continues to help people all around the world.


Promotional emails are disclaimed at the end of each email Newsletter and the like. The contents of the e-mail advertisement shall not be considered an endorsement of that Advertiser, of the product or service that’s being promoted. has a massive amount of experience with survival products which is the ultimate deciding factor in choosing advertisers and products to share with visitors to my site.   However, this is not a guarantee that the claims of the respective products are accurate or that the product works in the ways in which it’s being advertised.

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